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Women Elle Teams in Sri Lanka
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History of Sri Lanka Elle
It is not clear as to when, where or by whom, game Elle was introduced. Even though one cannot find definitive sources on the origin of the sport
Elle Team
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Elle Team
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Ladies Elle Team
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Senior Members Of Refrees Assosiation of Sri Lanka Elle Fedaration
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Special Event of Womens Elle Match

Sri Lanka Army

School Elle Team


About Sri Lanka Elle
What's Elle
News Sinhala
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Ladies Elle Team
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Lakdiyani Elle Team in Middle East
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Ladies Elle Match Video


Tournament which was Organized by

Elle Tournament which was Organized by

Barth Day Celibaration of Sanjeewa Silva Elle Tournament Organized Elle Team

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Members Of Sri Lanka Elle Federation

Old Photos of Elle

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Sport Of Sri Lanka Elle

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---------What is ‘Elle’?-------------------
---------------Elle’ (pronounced as el-lay) is a traditional Sri Lankan sport. There are 16 players in a side and all of them play in an innings. -------------Traditionally ‘Elle’ has two innings per side but modern ‘Elle’ games are limited to a 50-ball match.------ A 50-ball match is becoming popular in Sri Lanka. The batter or hitter of the ball can get out by the opposite side.------------------